About MileStone Academy

MileStone Academy is a co-educational high school for students in 9th through 12th grades for adolescents who need a safe, highly individualized, peaceful, and well-organized learning environment.

· Our very small classes ensure that students receive the instruction that is most helpful to their needs.

· Our teachers use the latest evidence-based teaching interventions to deliver multi-­sensory, differentiated instruction. It is known that activating multiple areas of the brain enhances learning, memory and retrieval of information.

· The Milestone program empowers students with diverse learning styles to find his or her life path. Based on identifying their individual strengths, students overcome academic and social challenges, preparing for a successful future of continued studies and/or meaningful employment.

· Acquiring self-knowledge and self-advocacy skills instills hope, empowering the positive attitude needed to achieve success. Individual learning profiles and one-on-one instruction help to motivate and inspire students to believe in their ability.

· Our certified reading specialists use the Wilson Reading System, Orton Gillingham reading program, and a research-based structured writing program.

· Located in Abington, Eastern Montgomery Township, MileStone Academy offers a safe suburban environment with connections to the area’s colleges and vocational training communities.


The mission of MileStone Academy is to support students with diverse learning styles by fostering a nurturing and positive environment; utilizing proven teaching interventions to help them realize their strengths and capabilities; self knowledge and self-advocacy will override frustrations, leading to academic achievement and social success.


To prepare students to become independent productive adults.


MileStone Academy was established with the belief that youths will flourish in a school environment that provides its students with a first-rate education. We believe that it is our responsibility to work with each student and their families to help them identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, to employ the proper interventions and to develop strategies and tools to enable our students to succeed.  Our curriculum is research-based and aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards in a challenging, collaborative and supportive environment, cultivating students who achieve success in their high school and post-high school careers. MileStone Academy develops a community of students who are Motivated Intelligent Learners Employing Strategies To Overcome and Navigate through Education.

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