MileStone Students Extra-Curricular Activities

Jobs, sports, and other interesting activities occupy the lives of MileStone students when they are not in school.  A brief interview with each student revealed this information about our energetic students and their diverse interests and skills. Daniel started a leaf removal business and saved money to buy a leaf vacuum/blower to serve his satisfied customers. Dan plays hockey and hopes to join the LM Bulldogs; he plays soccer at his JCC and with his Dad. He has applied for a job at vacuum repair shop and he likes to cook! Busy guy. Imani is a 4-H volunteer at Saul HS. She[...]


Milestone has a music program that runs something like a jam session. Bob Gold, local musician, and music educator brings in a great variety of percussion instruments, chimes, keyboards, etc. for the students to learn and experiment with. Students learn to communicate through different rhythms, tones, sounds, and textures. A few students have mastered some tunes on the keyboard. It is a lively and expressive class.
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