MileStone Students Extra-Curricular Activities

Jobs, sports, and other interesting activities occupy the lives of MileStone students when they are not in school.  A brief interview with each student revealed this information about our energetic students and their diverse interests and skills.

Daniel started a leaf removal business and saved money to buy a leaf vacuum/blower to serve his satisfied customers. Dan plays hockey and hopes to join the LM Bulldogs; he plays soccer at his JCC and with his Dad. He has applied for a job at vacuum repair shop and he likes to cook! Busy guy.

Imani is a 4-H volunteer at Saul HS. She works there about four hours a week, mostly on Saturdays, on a sheep-breeding project.  She is a paid employee of Awbery Arboretum where she works in the garden, helps cook, and participates in entrepreneurial projects; she is starting a rose garden and a chicken project.

Katie plays soccer on an all girls U18 tournament travel team where she is a goalie in lower Merion; she works in a barn for disabled kids, Thorncroft ; she gets horses ready and helps with lessons.

Jared is an avid chess player. He has been playing for seven years, competitively for six. He travels to other states for tournaments. He also runs every day for forty minutes. He greatly enjoys listening to music.

Jeremy enjoys all sports. He plays on club teams of the PSC leagues of basketball, soccer and football. He is also a natural on the piano- an untrained talent!

Jordan enjoys walking around his neighborhood park. He likes to get fresh air and play soccer and football friends.  He and his mom love going out to dinner and taking road trips to visit Grandmom. A Japanese exchange student is living with them this school year.

Lily is a dog lover and foresees a career in veterinary science. She works as a dog handler and obedience trainer.  She provides pet therapy in nursing homes and offers dog walking services in her neighborhood.

Kim is a “people person” and really enjoys her work in Genesis nursing home in NJ; she goes there every Saturday.  She leads group activities like bean bags toss and catch with balloons.  Some of the people there are very fond of her and look forward to seeing her. She also babysits for her Aunt Maggie’s daughter-in-law Stephanie who is the mother to Lillian, age 1, and to Carter, newborn.

Tiyaniah loves to dance. She does jazz and ballet at a studio in Germantown. She also ice skates at the Simon Center. She has the responsibility of watching her younger brothers and sisters. When she has time, she loves to shop, as you can tell by her lovely wardrobe!

Zhameer is involved in multiple activities including Football and Ice Hockey. His ice hockey team made the playoffs where they scored impressively.  He volunteers at his former school, The Quaker School at Horsham. He also sometimes works at Awbery Arboretum.

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