Social Communication Groups

MileStone Academy is pleased to announce a partnership with Communication Imaging to provide social communication groups and speech therapy to enhance the communication skills and enrich the language of our students.  Led by Laura Evak, M.A., SLP/CCC, Communication Imaging provide students with opportunities to progress from individual therapy to pairs to groups. All groups are facilitated by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and some groups also use the skills of an occupational therapist.  We incorporate cutting edge approaches and a variety of practice-based evidence techniques.

Groups include:

Friendly Faces —  structured for students who are just learning to share space and material with peers.

Kind Connections — for students who are verbal but find it a challenge to share their thoughts and ideas with peers.

Social Circle for students who are verbal and may converse with others in familiar, preferred situations.  However, their ability to listen to others’ thoughts, ideas and feelings and add to the conversational exchange is a challenge.  Our Social Circle students will learn how to bridge their own thoughts, ideas and feelings with others to become more confident and successful communicators with familiar peers.

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