We love getting feedback from our parents and students. It is important to us that everyone in our community feel they have a voice. It is our goal to meet the needs of our students so communication with students, parents and advocates is important to ensure we are meeting the student’s educational needs and goals.
Here is a sample of what they are saying about


“MileStone has an environment where I feel comfortable and I can learn and focus.”
“I get individualized attention and support from my teachers.”
“The school adapts teaching to the way I learn.”
“The school gives me the confidence to believe in myself.”
“Extra time and graphic organizers help me.”
“The teachers help me stay on track to achieve my goals.”

“I am so happy we finally found a place where my daughter wants to go to school and isn’t afraid to participate.”
“I saw a difference in my child almost immediately.  He is confident and likes going to school.”
“The staff at MileStone Academy really does care about my child, we cannot believe the positive changes it has made not only our child but our family.”
“My child’s confidence has soared since being at MileStone.”
“It is great My child finally doesn’t mind going to school.”
“My child does not come home frustrated. “

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