Helping Students with Disabilities Understand Resources in College

Universities and colleges are not required to watch students or require the use of accommodations by students. Concerned professors sometimes refer students to the disability services office if they feel assistance might be needed, but there is no requirement for instructors to refer students. Moving from high school student to a young adult. It is especially tough for students with disabilities. A federal law, the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, guarantees a free and appropriate education to students in high school, but there is no legal requirement for post-secondary institutions to provide a free and appropriate education for students[...]

National Hugging Day 2020

National Hugging Day 2020 History of Hugging Day Hugging Day began in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney after noticing people’s mood during the tri-holiday season:  Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. While the holiday season encourages togetherness, love, and affection, many people tend to be low spirits. The purpose of the day is to help everyone show more emotion in public. Why You Should Participate In Hugging Day Hugging, one of the simplest ways to show affection with your loved ones. Plus, it’s free! Nevertheless, with the convenience of technology, it is not something we do often. Hugging Day aims to encourage people to hug more, whether they[...]
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