Make-up Mania

The first quarter is ending, and we want all our students to get the best grades they can, so we are holding a week-long event Make-up Mania. For the next 6 school days we will offer students help at lunch time to complete the work they need in various classes. Each subject has been designated a day where the class teacher and Admin staff will be available to help students catch up. Most of the grades are affected by students not making up work they miss when they are absent, or they had a bad day and[...]

Our Mascot Has a Name – Miles Magnus

After four years, MileStone Academy has a mascot all its own. Miles Magnus was officially named on December 21.
In 2015, students picked the fox as the mascot of the school; we had T-shirts designed with art work from the vendor which meant we could not use it for anything else.

When we hired a recent art school graduate this fall, we asked her to design a fox. She submitted four designs, and the school community voted on the design they liked. After the design was selected, we had to give our fox a name. We asked for name suggestions and got[...]

Nourish to Flourish Campaign -Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday and we at MileStone Academy are asking for your support. Each year around this time, many people express gratitude for all the bliss in their lives, from family and friends to a having a place to live and food nourishes they need and want. Unfortunately, not everyone is as prosperous. MileStone Academy encourages you to consider giving back through the our Nourish to Flourish 2018 campaign.
Our goal for the 2018/19 school year is to help MileStone Academy students and their families participate in our Nourish to Flourish program.  The program includes delicious and healthy breakfasts, and lunches  that will[...]

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