MileStone Academy on the Move

This year we have attended the Outdoor School in Horsham, and will be making another day trip there on June 2nd. The Outdoor School provides an environmental science program on their wooded campus. Everyone finds success and challenge in this rustic school in the great outdoors. Other trips included a March trip to the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology which provided insight into a variety of potential career training opportunities. Students observed classes in commercial art, emergency response, auto mechanics, building construction and much more. In early April we toured Manor College’s department of Veterinary Training. This offered another unusual view of[...]

MileStone Students Extra-Curricular Activities

Jobs, sports, and other interesting activities occupy the lives of MileStone students when they are not in school.  A brief interview with each student revealed this information about our energetic students and their diverse interests and skills. Daniel started a leaf removal business and saved money to buy a leaf vacuum/blower to serve his satisfied customers. Dan plays hockey and hopes to join the LM Bulldogs; he plays soccer at his JCC and with his Dad. He has applied for a job at vacuum repair shop and he likes to cook! Busy guy. Imani is a 4-H volunteer at Saul HS. She[...]


Milestone has a music program that runs something like a jam session. Bob Gold, local musician, and music educator brings in a great variety of percussion instruments, chimes, keyboards, etc. for the students to learn and experiment with. Students learn to communicate through different rhythms, tones, sounds, and textures. A few students have mastered some tunes on the keyboard. It is a lively and expressive class.
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