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Black History Month Celebration and Presentations

Black History Month Celebration and Presentations

Students in African American Literature classes helped to celebrate Black History month by teaching their peers about events in American History that significantly impacted civil rights and race relations in America. Covering topics from the 1950s to today, students created slideshows to share and reflect upon events that stood out to them in American History. We learned about the fight to desegregate schools in the 1950s, Bloody Sunday, the L.A. Riots of the 1990s, and the 2020 killing of Ahmaud Arbery, just to name a few. Students did an excellent job of researching, analyzing, and presenting information about these events that impacted our country.

The projects presented:

  • Brown Vs the Board of Education – Cheyenne Hines
  • Williams Little Rock Nine – Lamel Young
  • The March from Selma to Montgomery – Amiyah McDowell
  • Jackie Robinson – Guillermo Galarza
  • The 1992 LA Riots – Malik Jeter
  • The Million Man March – Tyshawn Washington
  • Trayvon Martin – Kashif Turner
  • Ahmaud Arbrey – Niem Robinson
  • #SayHerName -Destiny Foster
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