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Black History Month 2021

Black History Month 2021

Black history is important because black history is American history. It is not a separate subject. We highlight black history to continue to understand how black stories are tightly knit and put together into the storyline of the United States as a whole. The same is true worldwide.

2020 saw a rebirth in social activism and conversations about anti-racism. And 2021’s Black History Month will be an extension of that.

In order to create real change, always remember to support and collaborate with Black-owned colleagues, community leaders, family, friends, and students. Conversations must continue and social activism will evolve.

5 Reason Everyone Should Celebrate Black History Month

  • Helps Us to Be Better Stewards of the Privileges We’ve Gained

  • Reminds Us All that Black History Is OUR History

  • Honors the Historic Leaders of the Black Community

  • Provides an Opportunity to Highlight the Best of Black History & Culture

  • Creates Awareness for All People

How to Celebrate Black History Month During COVID-19

MileStone is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to celebrate Black History Month this year. Traditionally, we would go out into the community and invite them into our safe space for bonding, educating, and love. However, due to the COVID pandemic, we are forced to be creative if we still want to make an impact. 

Here are five ways Later recommended us to use social media to celebrate Black History Month:

Creator Spotlights and Q&As

Spotlighting Black creators, entrepreneurs, and Black-owned brands in your industry can be a great way to introduce your audience to people and businesses they can support.

A fun, interactive idea could be hosting a virtual Q&A event (Instagram Live, Facebook and Instagram Rooms, Zoom, etc.) with a Black creator or leader in your industry.

Here’s an example by Refinery29’s Unbothered:

History Lessons and Fun Facts

History lessons are a great way to celebrate Black History Month on social media. There are so many people and moments of Black History to choose from. We encourage you to be proactive, do your research, and go beyond the obvious choices! 

Amplify Black Voices and Pass the Mic

Want to use your social media platform to amplify Black voices in another way? Pass the mic!

Do weekly IGTV or Instagram Stories takeovers where Black creators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders use your platform to spread their message and speak about their personal experiences.

Quote Posts

Inspirational quote posts are frequently shared on social media because they can drive engagement for brands and creators alike.

Support the Community and Advocate for Change

Black History Month is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about local nonprofits and offer ongoing monetary support.

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