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Carol Wolf, Admissions Director


Carol Wolf is the Admissions Director at MileStone Academy. Prior to joining MileStone, Carol worked for 25 years as an Admissions Director at Center School.

Carol Wolf is the parent of two dyslexic children. In the beginning of the Wolf family’s journey,  Carol needed to find out why her two seemingly bright children, could not remember color names or the letters of the alphabet. After careful observation and personal research, Carol learned that her children were dyslexic. She then began to self-education in hopes to learn as much as she could about how dyslexic people learn.  Throughout her educational career, Carol observed students that were reading more than three years behind because they had never been taught appropriately. She wished there were a high school that would accept students that were not necessarily going on to college. Then, she learned MileStone Academy are helping those students.  Over the past five years, Carol feels that is she lucky to be part of a co-educational high school for students with learning differences or disabilities.

Contact Carol Wolf By Phone (215) 663-1160 or Email.