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Celebrating Black History Month

Since 1976, the United States has dedicated February to celebrate the essential role Black Americans have and continue to play in our country’s history. It is also a time for our nation to reflect on the progress that still needs to be made in order to allow all individuals the same opportunities in life.

Not only is February a great opportunity to educate your workforce on the racial inequities that persist in the United States, but it also opens the door for meaningful and progressive conversation between coworkers, neighbors, leadership teams, and the community at large.

To celebrate Black History Month at MileStone Academy, the students have chosen a person to do a presentation on and they made assignments for the staff to do. They are also planning a Lunch & Learn that will include food, activities, and presentations.

How are you celebrating Black History Month? If you are looking for ideas, here are five meaningful ways to celebrate Black History Month:

  • Read a Book.

    If you tend to learn best through reading, you may want to add a fiction or non-fiction book to your reading list this February. Some options include the New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, which focuses on injustices in the criminal justice system in the U.S., or Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a powerful essay from a father to his son about race in America. If fiction is more your speed, check out Beloved by Toni Morrison, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, or The Color Purple by Alice Walker. 

  • Listen to a Podcast about Black History Month.

    More of an auditory learner? Check out an educational podcast about Black history such as Humanity Archive, Historically Black, or Blackbelt Voices.

  • Donate to a Charity.

    One way to honor Black History Month in the U.S. this February 2022 is to donate to a charity that supports Black communities. Visit for a helpful list of Black charity organizations that support a diverse array of challenges faced by Black communities today including addictions, financial literacy and LGBTQ+ issues.

  • Support Black-Owned Business

    Similarly, supporting Black-owned businesses in your community is one way to function as an ally year-round, not just during Black History Month. But if you are hoping to discover new Black-owned businesses you may not have heard of before, check out tools and directories like the Black Business Green Book, Shop Black Owned or

  • Watch a Black History Month Documentary.

    In addition to reading books and listening to podcasts during Black History Month 2022, documentaries can be a great source of information about Black history if you are hoping to brush up on your knowledge. Check out The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross to explore Black identity through diverse social and religious perspectives, 13th about the criminal justice system’s mistreatment of Black communities in the U.S., or Slavery By Another Name, which demonstrates how slavery continued well into the 20th Century under the guise of forced labor.

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