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MileStone Academy’s Response to COVID-19

During these stressful and unusual times, the teachers and administrators at MSA have faithfully continued to support the students and their parents through an active online Instructional Program.

The prescribed activities, which ultimately address curricular goals, are based upon student interest, computer skill, creativity and entertainment. Each of our teachers has taken responsibility for developing and implementing learning “events” that their students would consider meaningful and a good use of their time and energy. 

Continuing Classroom Activities

MileStone has implemented a virtual platform to educate our students. We are now using the internet platforms Google Classroom and Hangouts. These platforms assist us in teaching the children live and assigning tasks for students to complete.

We have begun engaging MileStone students by having them answer a question of the day. In addition, we have decided to base student’s learning on a specific theme that will be the main topic of each class. This week we have chosen to designate the topic of Travel in Philadelphia for all subjects. Some of the lessons, teachers have developed include places to visit, and famous places to eat just to name a few. To further enhance this topic, videos, virtual tours online, journal assignments along with face to face instruction has assisted in teaching this week’s’ topic.

Class of 2020 Graduation

With this transition to online learning, Senior student’s have not been forgotten. Individual conferences will be held with each Senior student to continue their learning. They have already been introduced to resume writing and completing job applications. In addition, they are individually working on projects that are to be completed by the end of this school year. The many hours of work that our Seniors and Educators have invested in these Senior students will continue throughout this online learning process.

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, the students and teachers will certainly become more familiar with these teaching platforms. The level of excitement and engagement from the students will continue to grow as we partake in this new online learning endeavor.

As the weeks pass, we will surely update you on the progress our students are making as we and they attempt to bridge the gap between the classroom and their home situation.

We would love to hear from you! Questions regarding assignments, enrollment, and tech support can be addressed by calling (215) 663-1160 or send us an email.
Thank you for your continued support and please, stay safe.


Carol Wolf
Director of Admissions
MileStone Academy