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Spring Cleaning Fun 

Creative ways to make spring cleaning fun

Creative Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun | By DeAnn Cox | MileStone Academy

Creative and Organizing for the Entire Family

Adults do not exactly love the thought of spring cleaning, so guess how hard it is to get tweens and teens on board.

Since this yearly activity requires help, how do you clean spring with the entire family?

Regardless of the chore, our children will always get more cooperation if you make the task more exciting.

Surprisingly, there are creative ways to make spring cleaning fun! I gathered various exciting ways to help make spring cleaning more enjoyable for the entire family.

Get in the Groove!

Play music, and include tunes the family like, too – even if it drives you nuts (LOL).

Lip-syncing is another fun thing to do while cleaning. Put on your favorite jams, grab a broom or mop, and give the performance of your life.

It’s a Game

Here are six fun games spring cleaning games via NewFolks:

  • Bingo

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Puzzles

  • Treasure or egg hunt

  • Food and pantry detectives

  • Find the missing socks!

Pace Yourself…

Instead of a marathon cleaning day, break it up into smaller sessions throughout the week or month.

Divide up the list of spring-cleaning chores evenly, giving age-appropriate tasks. Set a timer with a realistic amount of time to complete the chores. When the timer goes off, the family member completing all their tasks wins.

Give Rewards

Have a reward like your kids’ favorite takeout or a family movie in place when the spring-cleaning project is done. For instance, plan a memorable family outing like a hike, bike ride, or day trip to an amusement park.

Safety First

Always make sure the chores are age-appropriate for each child.

Wrapping it Up

Spring cleaning ritual is the perfect time to organize the house, declutter, and clean out the pantry and fridge. At the same time, you get to reach those places that are not easily accessible.

As adults, we know cleaning is necessary, but kids do not always appreciate the need.

Try one of the creative ways; you might find it a bit more exciting for you and the family.

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