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Diane Maguire, Financial Literacy and Math Teacher

Diane Maguire MileStone Academy Math Teacher

Diane Maguire is MileStone’s Academy’s Math Teacher. Ms. Maguire is very enthusiastic and an amazing support to our students who have not been successful in other school environments. Each day, Ms. Maguire helps MileStone’s student reach their highest potential.

Contact Ms. Maguire By Phone (215) 663-1160 or Email.

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Educating resilient and confident students is a core part of Milestone Academy’s history. Equipped with a staff of professionals who specialize in teaching students with diverse learning challenges, Milestone educates in new and exciting ways. The 5:1 student to teacher ratio allows all students access to individualized lesson plans, the freedom of exploring innovative technologies, and an opportunity to grow their interests. Success at Milestone Academy takes many forms as graduates have achieved their dreams of going to higher education and jump starting their careers. As the school continues to grow, it stays committed to its mission of creating more resourceful, dedicated, and happier students on the quest to achieve their own milestones.