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Financial Literacy with Ms Diane Maguire 05-11-22

Financial Literacy Testimonial by Ms. Diane Maguire

It has been three years that I have had the pleasure to teach Financial Literacy to our seniors here at MileStone Academy. We have tackled issues such as managing a budget, developing a savings plan, navigating credit and debt as well as several mock-up realities demonstrating the financial situations they may run into in the future.

Our children can now feel confident renting an apartment, buying a car, applying for credit cards, and understanding the processes for each. Most important is students are prepared to evaluate the difference between wants and needs allowing them to feel self-assured in their decision making.

It is rewarding to know that the lessons I am teaching have real-life applications as proved recently. The other day a student was doing a money activity and this child who had issues with money was now pretty much an expert. After my conversation with the child, he proceeded to tell me, with a smile on his face, that he got a job working with money and successfully doing so. Stories like this let me and my colleagues know that the work we are doing makes a difference.

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Diane Maguire

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