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First Day of School Essay

The night before school I was amped to be going back to school. I was happy and excited to be able to go to the building. I was also excited to see all my teachers and classmates and to talk to them. It also made it exciting since it has been a while since March. I guess to sum it all up, I was just anxious to just in general go to school, not exactly like before but just as good.

At the start of the day it was kind of a little awkward at first. Then we all started having conversations about how our summers went. It felt weird because of all the changes made to actually be able to go to the school in person. It was also interesting to see how everyone tried to stay safe. And also, the day felt short because it wasn’t like a normal first school day that I’ve known from before.

How I felt at the end of the day was the joy of being able to actually go to school kind of almost like  normal again. It felt like all that excitement really helped me to focus when I was at school. When I got home after the end of the school day, I told my parents about how my day went. And I told them all the things I did when I was there including the kickball game and when we were talking about how our school days were going to be different than before. My parents were happy about the fact of me being very happy to get to go back to school in person.

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First Day of School Essay