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Fun Facts About Mother’s Day

Fun Facts About Mother's Day

Fun Facts About Mother’s Day |  Happenings at MileStone Academy  |  DeAnn M. Cox  |  Posted May 11, 2023.

10 Historical Facts About Mother’s Day

Fun facts about Mother’s Day are essential to MileStone Academy because a mom is the one who holds the most significant influence on her children. It is who they are and who they stand for.

A mom steers the course of their heart toward specific values and beliefs. She is the strength her children turn to, the love they count on, and the inspiration they seek.

Each year, we take this time to honor and appreciate the contributions and sacrifices made by mothers in their families and society.

This year, your friends at MileStone Academy would like to share the history of Mother’s Day. Did you know…

Millions of Phones Will Ring on Mother’s Day

Around 122 million phones will ring on Mother’s Day!

Americans do not let distance keep them from their moms! Phone calling has been a centerpiece of Mother’s Day for years, with families nationwide.

Greeting Cards Top the List of Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year, people try to find the best way to say, “I love you, Mom!” Greeting cards top the list of gifts for Mom, followed closely by flowers, special outings, gift cards, clothing, and jewelry.

Mother’s Day Was Made Official on May 9, 1914

President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring Mother’s Day an official holiday on May 9, 1914.

But the idea began in 1908 when Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day to honor her mom, who had worked tirelessly serving moms after the Civil War.

Fun Facts About Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the Busiest Restaurant Day of the Year

So far, we have learned that Americans like to make phone calls, send greeting cards, and…. EAT to celebrate Mom.

Each year, restaurant reservations are booked quickly by families wanting to secure a table for that special second Sunday in May.

Over one-third of American adults vie for a table to celebrate mom, making Mother’s Day the busiest restaurant day of the year!

Americans Will Spend $31 Billion This Mother’s Day

Even with lingering pandemic hassles and current economic woes. In 2023, companies project that spending on moms will rise by $3.6 billion.

Thus, Americans will spend more than 31 billion dollars on moms in 2022.

By any measure, there are many flowers, dining, greeting cards, and macaroni necklaces!

The Carnation is the Official Flower of Mother’s Day

This tradition began when Anna Jarvis sent hundreds of carnations to her West Virginia home church to honor mothers in that congregation.

That single gesture landed the carnation in the top spot as the official flower of Mother’s Day.

Today, the colors of the frilly blooms have specific meanings – white carnations to honor deceased mothers and red to celebrate the living.

Mother’s Day is the Third Most-Attended Church Service

We all know Easter and Christmas yield large church attendance crowds, but something about Mom makes people want to show reverence and focus on faith and family.

Americans will start their Mother’s Day celebration by attending church with their moms, doing it the third most-attended church service behind Easter and Christmas!

What Moms Want Most

According to a survey by RetailMeNot, what moms want most for Mother’s Day is to dine out with their families.

Many moms cite reasons like not wanting to cook or wanting to get out of the house. Maybe, that is why it is the biggest restaurant day of the year!

Most Women in the U.S. Have Their First Child in Their Twenties

As of 2019, the average age of first-time mothers is 27. Most women in the U.S. have their first child in their twenties, with 20% waiting until after 35.

American Moms Are Influencing 73.1 Million Children

Moms, this Mother’s Day, remember the power of your influence. Our nation has great wealth in our children and moms like you who raised them.

American moms are influencing 73.1 million children (under age 18) in our population, and each one needs what we moms have to offer. The future of our nation is found in those precious ones.

So, start where you are – keep loving, leading, and educating your notable young American patriots. It can change everything!

Mother’s Day should be celebrated year-round!

Moms, do not underestimate your power to impact future generations. Your love, long hours, and an unrelenting dedication to your kiddos can change the course of this nation for good!

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