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Getting to Know Steve Stotts

Steven Stotts - Getting to Know You

Getting to Know Steve the Legacy

Steve Slotts is the CEO and founder of Steve the Legacy, LLC. Steve is an inventor, author, and limiting belief specialist.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Cheyney University.

He helps entrepreneurs and students connect their beliefs with their skill set by using research-based mental strategies, components of self, and life experiences.

Steve has spent the last 5-plus years developing his mind to help navigate his limiting beliefs into unlimited beliefs.

Presenting for students, athletes, and entrepreneurs, and supplying in-person or virtual presentations, professional development workshops, and coaching on self-mastery.

Act & grow your belief today!

Learn more about Mr. Slott at or click here to send him an email.

MileStone Academy

MileStone Academy’s mission is to educate students with complex learning challenges by fostering a nurturing and positive environment that utilizes research-based practices.