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Kimberli Hunt, Founder, Board Member, and Officer

Kimberli Hunt Founder and Officer

Kimberli Hunt is the Founder, Board member, and Chief  Academic Officer at Milestone Academy.  Throughout her life, education has always played an important role in her life. As a child with Dyslexia, Kimberli struggled through school. This was one of the most difficult times in her life.  However, thanks to Sister Helen Rita, she eventually learned to read and excel and was given the opportunity to attend the best high school in Philadelphia – The Philadelphia High School for Girls. From that point in her life, Kimberli knew that teaching was her goal.  She later became a teacher where she advocated for the rights of students.

As a parent, Kimberli affords the opportunity to be the mother of a student with multiple language learning disabilities. He had every “dys” that there was. He struggled with reading, writing, and everyday learning. As a result of his frustration, she began discussing options for her then, high school son and realized that there were very few educational options for a child like hers. Immediately thereafter, three women, including Kimberli, sat down and decided to establish their own school for students like theirs — with language learning barriers. The three women worked tirelessly to build Milestone Academy.

Milestone was established in 2015. We are a small private high school with less than 20 students. We help students that have had difficulties in their earlier school. In addition, we help find resources for families so that they can succeed financially, emotionally, and physically through this journey. Our team helps students achieve their goals academically in college,  trade school, or career links. It is Kimberli’s hope that one day she will have a school that will allow all students to attend without financial aid, where they can have all academic, athletic, social, and emotional resources they require.

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