Make-up Mania

The first quarter is ending, and we want all our students to get the best grades they can, so we are holding a week-long event Make-up Mania. For the next 6 school days we will offer students help at lunch time to complete the work they need in various classes. Each subject has been designated a day where the class teacher and Admin staff will be available to help students catch up.
Most of the grades are affected by students not making up work they miss when they are absent, or they had a bad day and shut down. Students then often decide to not make up the work and for those students that have attendance issues the missing assignments build up to a point where the student is overwhelmed and unable to start.
I know folks who are intimidated by books of hundreds of pages, the reality is you read it the same way you read a book of 10 pages – one word at a time, page by page. We try to encourage students to make up the work immediately, so they stay on track. They very rarely follow the advice and are quick to answer with the “I know”, suck their teeth and roll their eyes.
Make-up Mania is an intervention we will undertake this quarter, if it works, I am sure we will do it again.

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