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MileStone Academy 9-12th Grade First Mid Quarter Update Regarding Attendance, Advisors, and Grades.

We have reached the halfway point for this quarter; it has been challenging but amazing to have the students in school. We realize it has not been an ideal year from starting at 9:30 AM, wearing masks all day and not having all our teachers in the building. All in all, we think we made the best decision for our students, and we appreciate your support.


The following students have PERFECT ATTENDANCE since we started school:  

Guillermo Galarza

Niem Robinson

Keep up the great work! We are so proud of you!


Everyone should be able to check grades on Gradelink and Google Classroom. Gradelink is the place to check overall grades and Google gives detailed information about assignments. Based on the number of missed assignments I received yesterday our students looked at both Gradelink and Google. If you need information on how to get into the Gradelink system please send me an email and we will have your credentials emailed to you.

Teachers are committed to get grades into the system within a week of the activity so you should see up to date information.


Each student has been assigned an advisor. The advisor will be the main point of contact for the student, teachers, and parents. Advisors will contact parents with issues or concerns, and we encourage you to reach out to them. We are hoping having an advisor will help our students in advocating for themselves.

You should receive an email from your child’s advisor later this week.