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Meet Miles Magnus

MileStone Academy’s Official Mascot

MileStone Academy Jenkintown PA

Miles Magnus (they/them) is MileStone Academy’s official mascot. anti-bullying, education, and equality activist and advocate, Miles is the only fox to attend MileStone Academy.

Early Life

Miles Magnus was born in the New Jersey, but migrated to Philadelphia somewhere between the north, south, and west area, near Jenkintown, and MileStone Academy. Their mother, Michele Magnus, and father, Pinkney Magnus, were traditionally sly foxes but were unconventional in that, while raising Miles, they tended to travel beyond the city lights of Philadelphia, pass the PECO building, to farther-flung rural regions in Montgomery County. This familial habit of exploration and seeking out new experiences and adventures left an indelible impression on Miles and played an integral role throughout their teens.


At age 15, still adventurous but now more mature, Miles found their way to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Miles was looking for MileStone Academy because they needed more help with their learning disadvantages. Miles was afraid but intrigued. Miles enrolled as a freshman at MileStone Academy, where they were able to pursue their love of art, academics, athletics, activism, and every combination thereof.

Miles also gravitated toward clubs, activities, and other aspects of student life. Looking to meet new people, stay healthy, and keep their 3.5 grade point average, Miles embraced student activities and quickly became the face of the MileStone’s Student Council and Leadership clubs.

How to Support Miles

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