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MileStone Arts Programming

MileStone Arts Programming (M.A.P.)

At MileStone Academy, we believe that arts education helps foster a positive culture and climate among students. We saw the need to integrate the arts across our curriculum because it learning an artistic discipline helps young people develop character. Moreover, students learn habits, behaviors and attitudes that are necessary for success in any field of endeavor.

In 2018, we created M.A.P. (MileStone Arts Programming). MAP explores diverse styles, mediums, and cultures in both visual and performing arts. In every subject, MAP encourages students to express their individual creativity and discover their unique artistic voices. Ideas and skills build upon one another from concept to concept and year to year.

16 year old K.T. needs your help today

K.T. is an 11th grader at MileStone Academy and he has big dreams of continuing his art career once he graduates high school.

K.T. has been accepted to Philadelphia’s University of Arts Saturday School Spring 2021 Semester!

Saturday School is a collection of innovative online programs designed to prepare young actors, artists, designers and entrepreneurs to navigate their art form this fall and spring. Each course focuses on new artistic ideas, practices and skills to build and strengthen portfolios.

In order to succeed, K.T. needs your help with the various expenses, such as art supplies, nourishment, textbooks, and advanced technology. Your early investment will give K.T. an opportunity to fulfill his dreams.

Can K.T. count on you to donate $25 to support his future? Start processing your gift today via GoFundMe.

Read how K.T. motivated the warm heart of his art teacher, Amanda Corrigan:

For the past 3 years I had the pleasure of teaching K.T., he has always had an interest in art. He is constantly filling up sketchbooks and drawing any chance he gets. In fact, other teachers I work with often times tell me how he always has his sketch book out in their classes (Sorry guys! I can’t say I wasn’t the same, though!) K.T. has grown a lot artistically in the past few years. He went from drawing only faces and heads to figures full of expression and placed in settings. He is always willing to try and learn new techniques and drawing skills and takes very well to constructive criticism. He is a disciplined, motivated, and hardworking student. In fact, his work ethic inspires me.

This past October, K.T. tested himself to do a challenge called “inktober”. Inktober is a challenge where every day there is a new word in which the artist has to create a drawing for each day. K.T. informed me that he was determined to have this be the first year that he does a drawing every day and fulfills each prompt. I was excited to hear he was inspired to take on the challenge, and told him if he succeeded, I would get him some inking markers and pens. Not only did he do the regular inktober challenge, he also did an alternative one that was based off of a game he likes. I told him he may be biting off more than he can chew and recommended him to stick to one of the categories, but nonetheless he was persistent in completing both inktobers. And you know what? He sure did. Every day he showed me the two drawings and we talked about the things that looked well, and the areas he could work on for next time. Every time he was given constructive criticism, he listened closely to the areas he needed to work on, and would do them for the next pieces. When he finished his last piece, we lined his work up along the desks, and watched how in just one month, his style, skill, and drawings improved drastically. He even said there were so many times he wanted to give up and got frustrated, but he was so proud of myself for sticking this through. You and me both, K.T. I am beyond proud of your hard work and dedication to becoming an even better artist.

When I was in high school, my high school art teacher, who is still my mentor to this day, informed me of a pre-college program that helps artists who are interested in going to art school prepare for the classes, and build a portfolio. He informed me there was a scholarship he would give me so that I could take the classes and even earn a college credit doing so. He saw my desire and passion for art and helped me realize it even more by giving me the opportunity to experience the pre-college classes. Now 8 years later, I am excited to say this same opportunity will be given to K.T. who deserves it more than ever. After contacting the University of the Arts, the school I took the pre-college classes at, and ended up attending the following year, I informed them of K.T., his talent, the school he attends, and the fact I was alumni, and asked if they would be able to offer him a scholarship to take the Saturday classes. They quickly responded to me with excitement and were happy to offer him a scholarship to take the pre-college classes. He will be receiving a scholarship to take the classes in the spring. It is an 8-week program that helps students work on their drawing skills and building a portfolio all while being taught by professionals who work in the field. To say I am beyond excited for K.T. is an understatement. I know he will excel in this program, and show the world his talent, and his commitment to success. I also know K.T. will take advantage of the program and show the world what he is made of! – Amanda Corrigan.

For more information about MAP, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

All GoFundMe proceeds will support K.T.’s tuition to Saturday School at the University of Arts, as well as, future MAP events, workshops, and opportunities. 

MileStone Arts Programming