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MileStone Fall 2020 Updates


Last school year was unlike any school year anyone has experienced before; students, parents,  guardians, teachers, and administrators alike struggled to grasp the very idea of what the future was going to hold.

Throughout all the challenges, we conquered them and came out stronger as a community and witnessed the students succeed despite the circumstances. In fact, many students did well virtually and proved that they were up for a new challenge.

We asked the students their opinions about virtual learning, and what they thought about their experiences with that, and how it compares to in-person instruction.

Here are some of the comments the students made about their learning experiences:

The 5 things that reflect me are sports, video games, music, TV shows such as “The 100,” and my favorite animal which is a Red Panda. Sports reflect me because I like to play sports and I like to watch them. Video games reflect me because basically I love to play video games, especially with friends. Music reflects me because music is a way to meditate and to be focused on things in school like work. The TV series “The 100” reflects me because it’s a really good Sci-fi show, which is one of the  genres that I like. The Red Panda reflects me because it’s an intriguing animal and I look like several different animals combined. – Guillermo Galarza

I do not care where I learn online or face-to-face. I learn the same way whether it is online or not. The problem is the content has to be something I feel I can learn. I would rather be face-to-face so my questions can be answered. – Anonymous

I chose the color purple because it represents my team, the Baltimore Ravens. I also chose basketball because it’s my go to sport. I like Marvel movies because they are entertaining to watch to keep yourself occupied. I chose video games because I love to be the person that’s controlling the character and making my own choices. My last option is YouTube because you can search up almost anything and it always has good Youtubers that make good content. – Tyshawn Washington

I feel very mixed about learning online vs face-to-face learning because there are bad and good things about both sides. For example, online work. I feel as if I could get the work done more frequently and faster because I’m used to working digitally and it’s a good test/practice. Face-to-face helps me more comprehension wise, because if I don’t understand something it’s easier for me for a teacher to walk through helping me have a better understanding of the topic being taught. – Anonymous

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