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MileStone Is On YouTube

MileStone Is Back On YouTube and we would love for you to subscribe! We will deliver more student, teacher, and community content that will keep you educated and engaged. 

YouTube Subscribed

We decided to recreate its YouTube channel, because the platform allows us to share various teaching videos and helps the students learn.

The students have free and easy access to the source of learning anytime that they want and that too it is free. In addition, YouTube has thousands of videos that can help in improving skills that are required by the students. Our channel ensures that anyone visiting the site will be able to watch the video, no matter what device they are using.

MileStone will use YouTube playlists to categorize your videos and point students to the ones they need to watch. Plus, we are adding a video stream to  our website. This allows students to access a mix of MileStone videos and other trustworthy videos we find on YouTube.

So do not wait, subscribe, share and watch MileStone’s YouTube channel. And, if you have any ideas or shareable content, email us and DeAnn Cox, our marketing outreach coordinator will get back to you asap.

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