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Ocean pH Drops Endangering Life On Earth

Written By:  Guillermo Galarza

Ocean pH Drops Endangering Life On Earth (1)

Due to the use of more fossil fuels, the amount of carbon dioxide has increased in the atmosphere.  There has been a 30% increase in acidity of the ocean due to air pollution. When CO2 is absorbed by seawater, a series of chemical reactions occur resulting in the increased concentration of hydrogen ions which changes the pH level.

The change in the ocean’s pH has affected ocean life in a negative way. This process has far reaching implications for the ocean and the creatures that live there. There are fewer carbonate ions for shell builders to build their shells and the acidic water can also cause the shells to begin to dissolve. Ocean acidification affects the whole ocean.


Ocean acidification not only impacts ocean life but also humans as well. It also affects a food source for billions of people and many jobs that rely on sea animals. If living things in the ocean are not reproducing fast or enough, or dying off completely, this could affect many humans as well, especially in poorer countries.

Air pollution affects many different ecosystems.  Humans are using more fossil fuels which is making more carbon dioxide in the air, but this is also hurting the oceans as well. [Research states] anything that can be done to cut down on air pollution will have a positive impact on ocean acidification.

“With the pace of ocean acidification accelerating, scientists, resource managers, and policymakers recognize the urgent need to strengthen science as a basis for sound decision making and action.”

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