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School in a COVID-19 World

School in a COVID-19 World, Are You Ready?

Written By: Susan Levy from MileStone Academy on August 15, 2020

Until 2020, most students looked upon the month of August as a time to recalibrate their summertime habits of late nights and carefree days. They knew and understood that they would soon be facing the reality of September and all that that refers to – namely, going to school, completing assignments, meeting responsibilities and seeing people who have temporarily been missing from their lives.

This year WILL be different. Students may, in fact, be returning to school although the instructional setting they have been used to will noticeably be different. So will the necessary adjustments they will personally have to make to keep themselves safe and healthy. They will be required to social distance when they sit in their seats, converse through a mask and demonstrate affection for others through words, not deeds.

It will take all their creative energies and proper coaching from dedicated teachers to figure out how to make the best of a situation none of us could hardly have imagined only eight months ago. On the other hand, there are opportunities for students who grasp the seriousness of the pandemic to learn how to be responsible citizens and thoughtful partners in managing this crisis.

As students try to meet these new challenges, there may be setbacks as well as success stories. But we, as adults, have an obligation to encourage them to use their problem solving skills to work together in pursuit of ideas that will help us all understand how the world has changed.

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