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Virtual Party Tips by MileStone Academy

Are you celebrating a birthday? Graduation? Or just want to hangout with your favorite people? Share laughs and smiles with a virtual party! Check out these six virtual party ideas to help get your party started!

More is merry!

Many video chat services allow dozens of participants, so your whole family, friends, and even colleagues can join in the fun!

Virtual Party Tips During COVID-19 Quarantine

Make it a movie night!

Sync up and watch a movie or television show together, then share your reviews and thoughts afterwards.

Invite guest stars.

Any face time video is better with surprise appearances from kids, pets, or an impromptu lip sync performance. 

Host a game night.

Everyone in the party can play, either virtually or the good old fashioned way with cards and a board game. Don’t forget about charades! You don’t need any supplies to play charades and it is 100% free.

Break out your photo albums.

Go down memory lane with family and friend photos. Millennial love to use cloud and social media to share photos and even videos. Contrarily, their parents most likely have physical photo albums! Dust off your albums to get a good cry, laugh, or both. 

Play dress up.

Everyone loves a good costume party! Dress up in your favorite outfits or costume and have a contest. Winner gets to do the dishes!

Share your ideas.

Do you have a virtual party idea? We would love to you hear from you. Send us an email.

Virtual Party Tips During COVID-19 Quarantine