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SkillUp PA CareerLink MileStone 04-06-22

SkillUp PA via CareerLink

In late March, representatives from Pennsylvania’s PA CareerLink, came to MileStone Academy to speak with our students. Programming like this is an important part of our Job Readiness Initiative on campus. Staff and students were blown away by the professionalism of the presentation and the services CareerLink provides. The services they offer span the entire job readiness process. They have programming to help guide students during their career search, employment preparation, skill building and the interview process.

We are working with the Youth Navigators to enroll all of our students in these services. Having our students take advantage of the tools available through CareerLink will help our students find summer employment and give those graduating tools to aid them in their job search including, SkillUp PA.

Skillup™ PA is designed to help the Commonwealth build a workforce ecosystem that supports positive economic development. Job seekers can explore career pathways, view local job postings, register for free online learning, and receive workforce services.

SkillUp™ is a flexible, self-directed, web-based e-learning service that offers online courses to allow job seekers to manage their own online training program and improve their marketability to prospective employers

Best of all the SkillUp Program is FREE and anyone in the state of Pennsylvania can sign up. Click here for more information. 

Click here to learn more about job options for teens and the companies that hire them. Also, download a Pennsylvania Working Permit Application.

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