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Tell Me Something Good:  Small Success

Small Success Good News

Every day I am amazed at the learning going on at MileStone Academy. We have several goals for our students but one I am passionate about is increasing their vocabulary. I do not need them to spell the word (I am horrible at spelling, but I have strategies to help me) I want them to recognize the word when they see it, understand the meaning and be able to use the word correctly.

We had been working one list for over a month with worksheets filling in the words in sentences, finding the definitions, synonyms, and antonyms, and they had the list in to study. The last assignment before having a quiz was one where they had to create a sentence for each word. I had one student who could not use one of the words correctly. He recognized the word and could do all the exercises, but he struggled with using the word in a sentence correctly.

A month later in another class, he was asked to write a sentence relating to an article they were reading, and he had to write about the article he read, and he used the word from our list correctly.

Another Small Success.

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