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Sprung into Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Room-by-Room

Sprung into Spring Cleaning | By DeAnn Cox | April 11, 2023 | MileStone Academy

Spring Cleaning Room-by-Room

History & Roots

Spring cleaning room-by-room has deep roots much bigger than the dust bunnies in the back of the closet.

Historians trace the annual ritual of giving the home a deep cleaning from top to bottom back to ancient times.

Every spring, cultures worldwide get out the cleaning supplies and scrubbing, especially those areas under and in things that get overlooked the rest of the year.

The Pep Talk

Before the work begins, remind kids and teens that chores are about more than just getting a job done; they are also great skill builders.

Plus, a pep talk is an excellent first step to help to minimize the sighs and eye-rolling when you hand over that spring cleaning checklist.

Sprung into Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Room-by-Room

Focus and Timing

Facing larger house projects could help set your tweens and teens up for managing their households.

Spending time together and working on a shared goal can also help to fill your tween and teens’ love buckets – even if they are too cool to admit it.

When it comes to spring cleaning, a great place to focus on first is the home’s common areas.

5 Fun Ways to Clean Each Room This Spring

The Kitchen

A kitchen is an excellent place for the whole family to work together, and tweens and teens can be given more minor, more manageable tasks in this space.

Start by clearing out the refrigerator and pantry and checking the expiry dates on the food. Then make lists of anything that needs to be replaced.

Defrost the freezer and deep clean the dishwasher—an environmentally friendly way of doing this is with vinegar and baking soda.

Finally, there is always work to be found in the dreaded Tupperware and lunch container drawer, where a game of match-the-lid can keep them busy.

The Family Room

The family room is another busy hub and is often a place where clutter can build up quickly. A fantastic hack is to have a basket for each family member’s belongings.

Clear out the chaos first by having them claim anything that belongs in their own spaces. If it gets left behind, it is fair game for the donation bin—this warning usually gets kids moving quickly.

Sort through old video games, board games, and books to decide what can be donated to another family.

Any still-in-excellent-condition video game can usually be exchanged for reward points for buying a newer version. Do not forget to untangle all those cords and chargers!

Add “create an organized charging station” to their chore list for the tween or teen who is always complaining about being unable to find one.

The Bedroom

Cleaning a bedroom can often feel daunting for tweens and teens, so set up your supplies beforehand.

Organizing garbage, recycling, and clearing donation bags will help create a visual sorting system.

Sprung into Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Room-by-Room

Luckily, thrifting for clothes and accessories is trendy and has helped tweens and teens see the benefits of recycling clothes.

If they can fill a bag to give away, they can reward themselves by dropping it off at a thrift shop in exchange for a couple of new pieces for the season.

The Laundry Room

Remember those family baskets? This is another room in the house where they come in handy. 

Any abandoned clothing, including coats, hoodies, shoes, and boots, can be thrown into those baskets, and sorted by their owners.

Get separate gear that still fits, can be passed down, or tucked away for next year’s winter.

Outdoor Spaces

If you have a busy household, clutter will start space in the garage.

Following the same guidelines as the laundry room, take time to sort through sports and recreational equipment like bikes, scooters, or skateboards they have outgrown.

Get rid of unwanted items with a garage sale, donate to charitable organizations, or repurpose them. 

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