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Social Studies:  Students Register to Vote

During this historic election, MileStone Academy’s students have been making history of their own. This past month, several of our seniors have registered to do their civic duty and vote! While in school, these students took the time to fill out the voter registration form and will be able to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election! This is a monumental opportunity, as these seniors will be participating in our democracy for the first time.

But, our students’ civic engagement does not stop there. Even our students who are not old enough to vote are participating in the election in amazing ways. After both the first Presidential debate and the Vice-Presidential debate, our students took the time to discuss their views on each candidate. Our students have brought out brilliant new perspectives on President Trump and former Vice President Biden. We have dived deep into our election process, discussed the background of each candidate and their Vice President picks, and have debated key political issues. As the election draws closer, they will engage with more and more lessons about how historic this election is and how our election process has adapted to Covid-19. As the Social Studies teacher here at MileStone Academy, I am incredibly proud of how enthusiastic our students are with this election and I look forward to our future class discussions.

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