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Summer Jobs in Philly for Ages 12 – 24 Years Old

Summer Jobs in Philly

Companies are HIRING NOW!

There are summer jobs available in the city if you are between 12 and 24 years old.  Some employers have raised the hourly pay, and some offer sign-on bonuses. Here are a few open positions you should apply for right away:

Kensington Soccer Club

The Kensington Soccer Club’s Work Ready summer program sends teens several days a week to local summer camps, to teach the campers soccer, and the value of exercise and teamwork. The program goes for six weeks, from early July to mid-August; teens commit to 20 hours a week. In addition to coaching, there will be career-readiness and college-readiness activities.

To apply or express an interest in this program please contact or call (267) 536-2717. 


Pay: $11 per hour

PlayStreets is a summer program that helps teens support communities, operated by Fab Youth Philly. If you are between 15 and 19 years old, you can get hired as a play captain from July through August to oversee sections of the city that are blocked off to traffic and designated as PlayStreets. Click here for more information.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Lifeguard Positions

Pay: $16.00 per hour, 35 hours per week (June through August)

You must be 16 or older, complete a screening test, and receive certification to work as a lifeguard with the city.

Contact your local pool supervisor to apply.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Summer Youth Employment Program

Pay for ages 14-18 years old: $11 per hour, 20 hours per week (July through August).

Pay for ages 19-24 years old: $13 per hour, 35 hours per week (July through August).

Contact your local recreation center or playground. Find a location by clicking here.

How to find a summer job in Philly

Temple University – Center For Community Partnerships

Pay:  Intermediate (Wage)

Temple University’s Center for Community Partnership runs a Summer Work Ready program for young people, ages 14 to 18 years old. The program provides youth with opportunities for career exploration and learning about career pathways, while also earning a wage for completing a summer experience. Youth will be matched with companies and non-profit organizations with a specific industry focus on IT (information technology), recreation, community, civic engagement, and/or entrepreneurship.

To apply, email or call 215) 204-5782.

Keep Searching…

The Jobs for Teens HQ  and WorkReady websites are also great resources to find employment as well as answer many teens’ questions when looking for a job. 

In addition, check with your high school Guidance Office and ask how they can help with your job search. They may have postings for local businesses, for babysitting or for other part-time positions.

Need Help?

Finding a job is exciting yet overwhelming trying to find the perfect fit for you and your schedule. Thus, we encourage you to ask for help. Speak with teachers, family, coaches, friends, parents of friends—anyone and everyone you can think of—and ask for help. Most jobs are found through referrals, and people you know are often happy to help.

Lastly, The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is a nonprofit organization that provides services for Philly youth and partners with city organizations, like WorkReady, to provide employment opportunities. PYN can help you find a summer job, build a resume, and learn workforce development skills.  Click here to get started

More Job and Career Pathways Resources: