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Teachers Appreciation Week 

Teachers Appreciation Week 2023

Teachers Appreciation Week 2023

Teachers appreciation week is a time to thank teachers for their selfless work all year.

There is no shortage of reasons to celebrate today’s world. Every day and week is named a holiday. And teachers get their turn each May.

On May 5, 2023, President Joe Biden made a Proclamation on National Teacher Appreciation Week. He acknowledged that we owe our teachers and early childhood educators so much. 

President Biden said we must pay our teachers better, improve their working conditions, and focus on recruitment and retention. In addition, he noted that supporting our teachers also demands that we keep them and their students safe at school.

Teachers Appreciation Day 2023

MSA’s Ultimate Guide for Teachers Appreciation Week 2023

Ms. Cox prepared the ultimate MileStone Academy guide for your Teacher Appreciation Week needs, including history, gift ideas, teacher quotes, voicemails, and more.

Keep reading to make this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week the best yet!

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Every year, Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week in May; thus, Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday of the first week in May.

In 2023, Teacher Appreciation Week began Monday, May 8, to Friday, May 12.

History of Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching is one of the oldest professions – in 561BC, the first private teacher in history was one of the most learned men of all time, Confucius.

In early American Colonial days, homemakers and ministers were the primary sources of teachers.

The Pilgrims started the first public school in 1635, followed by “dame” schools, primarily for women.

Teachers taught reading, writing, and religion in these schools, and much of the teaching required students to memorize subject matter.

Teaching today has advanced into the television and computer age, which has changed the emphasis on education.

Giving students assignments on TV or the Internet has opened new and different educational possibilities.

Challenges of Being a Teacher

It has been a difficult couple of years for America’s public school teachers.

When schools transitioned to online learning after the coronavirus pandemic, educators nationwide took on the challenge and adapted quickly to meet their students’ needs.

Now that students are back to in-person learning, teachers work vigorously to compensate for lost instruction time.

In addition, the financial toll takes on teachers as well. A recent National Center for Education Statistics study found that 94% of teachers spend money on their classrooms.

Moreover, a teacher’s salary starts at or below $30,000/year. This is lower than the average salary of those with only a high school diploma. This low salary alone is enough to make teachers feel like they are not appreciated and respected.

Why Teachers Deserve Teacher Appreciation Week

Have you ever driven past a school at 6 AM on a Monday or at 2 PM on a Sunday? If you have, chances are you have seen teachers’ cars in the parking lot.

If they are not at school, they grade or plan from home well into the night and over the weekend.

Teachers are good at hiding all their work behind the scenes. From a student’s perspective, everything is magically organized and ready to go at the beginning of the day.

The average person does not realize the amount of time and heart teachers put into their careers.

Most teachers make tremendous effort and work without complaint or desire for recognition, often while criticized by society members.

How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Check out these ten ideas from real teachers on showing appreciation this year.

  • Self-care gifts

  • Write a thank-you note

  • Send a voicemail message

  • Organize with the PTA

  • Caffeine and snacks

  • Gift cards

  • Buy items from their classroom wish list

  • Lend a helping hand with classroom duties.

  • Create a theme for the week and do something special for teachers each day that fits the theme.

  • Ask for help from the community. You would be surprised at how many businesses in your community would be willing to donate gift cards, gift baskets, or products for teachers.

  • Framed photo or photo album of the whole class.


Teachers build up the foundation of society.

From elementary school to university, everyone can think of at least one teacher who pushed us to be our best selves, inspired us, or showed us a new way of thinking that stuck with us. Where would we be without them?

Doctors, lawyers, police officers, retail workers, engineers, welders—none of them would be where they are if a teacher did not teach them how to read, resolve conflict, or think critically.

Teachers put their heart and soul (and wallet) into their work, but it does not have to be time-consuming or expensive to show them that you appreciate what they do.

While there are ways to get creative and have fun with Teacher Appreciation Week, you do not have to plan something elaborate or go all out to show teachers your appreciation.

If you are reading this, thank the teacher. The least we can do is devote a week to teachers and their efforts.

Thanks for reading!

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