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Tell Me Something Good is one of MileStone Academy’s newest program where we seek to improve our students overall mental and physical health.

According to the American Psychological Association, more than half of Americans say that the news causes them stress, and many report feeling anxiety, fatigue or sleep loss as a result.

In 2016, The Guardian, launched a project to explore the reaction of their readers to the reports about the good things happening all across the globe. The feedback was excellent – upbeat stories earned thousands of followers. Moreover, 10% of readers shared the news through their social media accounts.

It is safe to conclude that people are eager to see and hear good news because it makes them feel better. It’s not only an issue of staying informed or up to date with the latest events. On the contrary, it’s a matter of staying healthy both mentally and physically.

Thankfully, there is tons of good news everywhere around you, me…us! Hence, Milestone decided to give you an extra dose of health and wellness at least once a week!

This month this award goes to José Torres who called when a teacher was late for a virtual class. Jose followed procedure and notified the office who immediately opened the class and called the teacher.

Virtual Classes are hard and sometimes students and teachers get confused with the schedule. We tell everybody if you are having a problem call the office.

Kudos to José for doing the right thing.

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