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Here’s what our parents, students, and community members are saying about MileStone Academy:

Our family is very grateful for Milestone in so many unknown ways!!

One of the many things that continue to stand out, is that this is the first time in history that our son looks forward to attending school and [apply] himself.

Milestone surprisingly got his full attention when they had to go virtual. He wakes up on time every morning ready for school.

Most importantly, Milestone has contributed in many ways to prevent our son from hospitalizations.

Since Milestone accepted him, he has not had 1 hospitalization.

He[was hospitalized more than 10 times before coming to Milestone.

Milestone accepted him and was open minded when his past concerns presented.

Milestone more so looked at what they could do different to help our son achieve his goal as oppose [to his past], hindering him from achieving.

Milestone has parent involvement meetings.

Overall Milestone has contributed a high percentage of our family being a complete family especially during this pandemic and holidays.


By Anonymous Parent

DeAnn Cox Google Maps Testimonial 2020

Akia Williams Testimonial

Akia Williams Testimonial

I am so happy we finally found a place where my daughter wants to go to school and isn’t afraid to participate.

MileStone Academy High School Philadelphia PA

My child’s confidence has soared since being at MileStone.

MileStone Academy Jenkintown PA Philadelphia

The staff at MileStone Academy really does care about my child, we cannot believe the positive changes it has made not only our child but our family.

I saw a difference in my child almost immediately. He is confident and likes going to school.

MileStone has an environment where I feel comfortable and I can learn and focus.

My child does not come home frustrated.

The school adapts teaching to the way I learn.

MileStone gives me the confidence to believe in myself.

Extra time and graphic organizers help me.

I get individualized attention and support from my teachers.

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