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Thank you to all Essential Workers

Thank you to all essential workers

At MileStone Academy, we know many made the ultimate sacrifice, and no words can amply express our gratitude. It does not matter what you do. They are all heroes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone. We have experienced loss of income, to schooling and daycare issues, illness, shortage, and the loss of loved ones. However, there is one group that has been on the frontlines since the very beginning. Daily, they face the constant threat of infection while dealing with the rest of the challenges since 2019  — ESSENTIAL WORKERS.

MileStone feels forever indebted to these brave group of individuals — nurses, doctors, first responders, critical retail workers and tradesmen, farmers, childcare providers, teachers, infrastructure technicians, delivery drivers, and many more. Their jobs require them to show up, every day, and face the struggles of a global pandemic.  Essential workers do not have the “luxury” of staying home and out of harm’s way.

MileStone would like to express our gratitude and share ways you too can say thank you to essential workers. Here six ways to thank essential workers that keep the lights on, keep the mail flowing, care for the sick, and work to keep the peace, day after day. We thank them because they deserve it.

  • Keep Yourself Safe and Others Safe

First and foremost, keep yourself and others safe by social distancing, wearing your mask, avoiding large crowds of leisure, minimize long distance travel, and get vaccinated or schedule your booster. Essential workers have spent months risking their safety, to ensure the health and safety of others. One of the best ways to thank them for their sacrifice is to make sure it is not in vain. Take all the necessary steps to keep your family and those around you safe so that critical workers know they put themselves on the line for a good reason.

Thank you to all essential workers
  • Tip Generously

If you can, add a generous tip for the driver that delivers your dinner. If you are still using a grocery delivery service, make sure you tip your shopper properly. These people are putting themselves in harm’s way so that you do not have to. Let us sure to make it worth their while.

Thank you to all essential workers
  • Donate to Charities

Try Googling nonprofits and keep a list of relief charities devoted to helping during the pandemic. Remember that every penny counts, so no donation is too small. Also, time is just as valuable, so ask about volunteer opportunities.

  • Send Personal Thank You Notes

Since we are social distancing, we recommend sending a personal thank you to the essential worker you know or in your community. Your core list should include family, friends, co-workers, teachers, bankers. Then, you may branch out to larger entities like your local hospital and pharmacy.

Even if you have already thanked the essential workers you know in person, a thank you card adds an added layer of gratitude and allows them a keepsake that they can refer to when they need moral support.

Thank you to all essential workers
  • Design Thank You Signs and Display Them Everywhere!

Create colorful, exuberant thank you signs and stake them in your front yard, the entryway to your business, and in the rear window of your car. Signs are an excellent way to let people know they are appreciated. It will give their day a welcome boost and remind them why they are doing what they are doing. 

Handcrafting signs is a great way to get your kids involved in thanking essential workers, too. They can make their own signs if they are old enough or help with yours. Explain why you are creating the signs, what it is these critical workers have done for them, and why it is good to thank them.

Thank you to all essential workers
  • See One, Thank One

Thank your dentist, your plumber, and the person that rings you up at the grocery store. If you need to see a doctor, thank them for everything they have done to help. Have an issue with your gas bill? Thank the attendant that takes your call. Develop a habit of thanking each and every essential worker you meet.

To all heroes, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all essential workers

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