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Unity Makes the Community Work

Unity Makes the Community Work

The Community Rally for Mental Health and Gun Violence invites you to be a part of Philadelphia’s 32nd Ward effort to host the Second Community Rally on Saturday, August 27th, 2022, from 10:00 AM -2:00 PM at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, 2101 Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

This rally is designed to benefit and inform those who attend about strategies needed to understand why so much chaos is occurring in our community and how best to remedy it as soon as possible.

We will address Mental Health and its impact on our community. We are asking for your support on this critical issue that concerns all of us. Your participation in the rally will bring attention to the available resources in our community.

These past pandemic years have been hard on most, for it has been overwhelming. Our community has suffered the rise of crimes, murders, and unprecedented deaths due to COVID-19 drastically. Everyone’s mental health is at stake due to the increased pressures on life. For some, it is a significant concern that has been overlooked and under-addressed in our community.

The 32nd Ward of the Democratic Party is led by Darnell Deans, Sr., and is found primarily on blocks in North Central Philadelphia; West of Broad Street is committed to ensuring that voting remains a right that all of our citizen residents can continue to exercise.

For more information, please get in touch with Patricia Thomas at 267-901-0167 or Sandra Streeter at or 215-850-1693.

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