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MileStone Academy Jenkintown Philadelphia PA
MileStone Academy Jenkintown Philadelphia PA
MileStone Academy Jenkintown Philadelphia PA

MileStone Academy is proudly allied with over 3,000 local community and governmental professionals. This includes clinical and medical experts, educational advisers, leaders from other schools, and more. We believe all these roles are crucial in forming the support for our student and family success.

Tax deductible monetary donations can be submitted online or mailed to 700 Cedar Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046.

Here are a other few ways you can partner with MileStone Academy today or in the future:

Refer a Student

Once our partners have a student that they think are a great match with MileStone Academy, they refer those students to director of admissions, Carol Wolf. You can get in touch with Ms. Wolf in our Jenkintown office by clicking here or complete the form below.

You are the solution to the problem of hunger and development of new programming in the classroom.

Nourish to Flourish

MileStone Academy's Nourish to Flourish Program is designed to help us feed our students who are food insecure and teach our students and families how to eat healthier.

Our school is a safe haven for students who have not found success in other learning environments by fostering a nurturing and positive environment and building on a student’s strengths and teaching them strategies to overcome their challenges. Unfortunately, we cannot succeed if a child is hungry or worried about when they may eat next.

A recent article published in the Philadelphia Inquirer states hunger in Philadelphia has increased by 22% while it has decreased in most of America. There are countless articles that show how important nutrition is to the brain development. We have seen firsthand the impact on our students, students who eat both breakfast and lunch are ready to learn and can stay focused on the work.

The staff at MileStone has over the years have purchased breakfast and lunch items to give to our students who are in need, the demand has increased, and we want to upgrade what we give to students and educate our students and their families on the importance of healthy nutrition.

The goals of Our Nourish to Flourish program are:

  • Stock healthy options to give to our students when they are in need.
  • Provide at least two meals a week to students from local vendors.
  • Workshops on healthy nutrition which would be open to the public.
  • Hands on cooking demonstrations for our students.

With your support our students will Flourish to reach their full potential. Click here to support this program.


When you give a gift to establish or build an endowment, your gift to MileStone Academy:

  • Provides annual revenues that support the chosen purpose of your endowed fund.
  • Helps MileStone Academy keep tuition increases to a minimum.
  • Contributes to the financial strength that allows MileStone Academy to remain true to its mission.

Contact Michele Hewitt Webster at (215) 663-1160 to learn more about our endowment program.

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MileStone Academy Jenkintown PA

COVID-19 Update

MileStone Academy physical location will remain closed for the rest of the school year due to COVID-19. As a result, we have switched to live online one-to-one teaching.

We are still enrolling new students for full time, part time, summer, fall, and tutoring. Complete the request information form and we will schedule a virtual introduction to MileStone Academy.

Learn more about MileStone’s plan of action and messages about COVID-19. Click Here.

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