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Kids in Nature

Kids in Nature - Resources to Help You and Your Kids Get More Time in Nature

By Tina Martin for MileStone Academy. Kids in Nature. Posted June 15, 2023.

Resources to Help You and Your Kids Get More Time in Nature

Our culture has become so deprived of nature that there is now a term for it: nature-deficit disorder.

While the consequences are severe, there is good news for moms and dads because the cure is as simple as possible. You need more time in nature, and Milestone Academy shares some great resources to help you do it.

Go Exploring Together

  • From high plains to rugged coastlines, plenty of national parks are just waiting to be explored

  • Kayaking the idyllic rapids is not just great exercise; it’s also a great bonding activity for the whole family. But speaking of water, if you’re more into white water rafting, sailing, or fishing, check out these tips from the Family Adventure Project.

  • If mountain biking is more your speed, check out these tips before taking your child on the biking trails.

  • If you prefer your feet on the ground instead of pedals, here’s how to make hiking with kids fun.

Close to Home

  • Want to stick closer to home? Build a fire pit for roasting marshmallows, grab some binoculars for local wildlife spotting, or plan a backyard camping trip.

  • Maybe a backyard playground is just what your family needs to get the wiggles out.

  • Because it never hurts to review the basics, don’t forget to go over these neighborhood safety tips with your kids, not to mention these basics on camping safety.

There are things to do and see in our natural world that will “wow” you and your kids if you know where to look! Get into your backyard, explore near and far, and stay safe while you do it.

You will have fun and make memories, and worries about the nature-deficit disorder will be a thing of the past.

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