How to Apply for Employment at MileStone Academy

MileStone Academy has several openings for both full and part time teachers as well as substitute teachers. See the job descriptions.

Seeking Part-Time Certified PE Teacher
Full and Part Time Teacher Description
Substitute Teacher Description

All teachers at MileStone Academy must have a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate, either Private or Public Academic Teaching Certificate and must have the following clearances required by the state law prior to employment:

PA State Police Criminal Record Check Clearance
Federal (FBI) Criminal History Report (Fingerprinting)
PA Child Abuse History Clearance
PA School Personnel Health Record

All applicants must also complete:

PA Standard Application
Child Abuse Clearance Waiver
Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release

To Apply for a Job at MileStone Academy

Please send a cover letter, resume and application to jobs@milestone-academy.org

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