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Job Hunting for Teens June 2022

Job Hunting for Teens

Get hired or become an entrepreneur!

Job hunting for teens, may include searching for ways to make money without falling behind on schoolwork and after-school activities.

Luckily, part-time positions are available for teens to gain valuable skills and work experience while earning an income. Typically, supervisors will work directly with teens to train them and prepare them for the duties of a part-time position.

This blog highlights the best jobs for teens and shows what makes these roles suitable for first jobs.

How to Find a Job

Speak with teachers, family, coaches, friends, parents of friends—anyone and everyone you can think of— and ask for help.

Most jobs are found through referrals, and people you know are often happy to help.

Start Your Own Business

How about starting your own business? Consider your skills and interests and the needs of the local economy where you will be spending your summer. Easy start-up businesses include babysitting, lawn mowing, house painting, graphic design, caring for pets while people are on vacation, car detailing, etc.

Online Job Hunting

Start your online job search by visiting the sites that focus on teen job opportunities. For example, searching by type of position and location will generate a list of openings. allows you to create your free profile to get interview invites and jobs that work for you.

Employers in fields like retail and hospitality often are very interested in hiring teens and are willing to supply training. Search by the category of employment you are interested in. This will generate some more leads. These employers often do not advertise, so check with the stores or restaurants in your town to see if they have openings.

Do not forget to check the Employment Services job listings and the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper. Small local papers like The Pennysaver or Philadelphia Inquirer usually have listings too.

Teen Job Interview Tips

Next, make sure you dress appropriately, are ready to complete an application, and are prepared for an on-the-spot interview.

Before you head out to your interviews, review these student job interview questions and sample answers so you are ready to respond to the interviewer.

Before Accepting a Job Offer

There are good jobs for teens, and there are not-so-good and even awful jobs for teens. Before saying “yes” to a job offer, make sure the company is legitimate. Check with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs to see if there have been complaints.

Be aware that the Pennsylvania Department of Labor has rules and regulations about when teens can and cannot work and what type of job they can do. Make sure the employer is following the law.

Decide whether this is a job you want to do. Do not accept it if you do not feel comfortable with the work, environment, boss, or other employees. If this does not work out, there will be another offer. Consider whether the hours will fit into your school and activity schedule.

Consider volunteering opportunities. They are an excellent way to give back to your community while doing fulfilling and productive work.


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