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National Hugging Day 2021 MileStone Academy

National Hugging Day

January 21, 2021

National Hugging Day is celebrated on the 21st of every January.

Hugging is one easy way to show affection. It is something people do with their loved ones all the time. However, hugging not something that’s done enough these days! Some of us may have occasionally taken the action for granted, but living in a COVID world has forced us to physically isolate ourselves from those we love the most. 

Hugging Day aims to encourage people to hug more, whether they know the person or not.

History of Hugging Day

The U.S. started celebrating Hugging Day in 1986. Kevin Zaborney found the holiday after noticing how in between Christmas time, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, people tend to be in low spirits despite how positive the holidays are.

Kids especially love this holiday, as they are usually the ones who hug people the most and are not afraid to show their emotions.

Historically, the day was intended to be an in-person event. The idea was to get more people to show their emotions publicly and to get comfortable with that fact. There was a need for individuals to open up to others in their society and show how they felt. With the advent of the Internet, however, Hugging Day evolved. Suddenly, it was possible for people anywhere in the world to remotely display their affections. The virtual hug became a pop phenomenon, assisted by video calling tools that became cheap and universal.

How to Celebrate National Hugging Day

The best way you can celebrate this holiday is by hugging people — with your mask on! You could even hug from a distance or through a Zoom call. Hug your mom, your dad, your grandparents, your kids – hug everyone you know.

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