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Check Out Our New Time Capsule Project!

2020 Time Capsule Project

MileStone students are working on personal time capsules as a project in Class Project.

So, what is a time capsule? A time capsule is a container holding historical records or objects representative of current culture that is deposited (as in a cornerstone) for preservation until discovery by some future age.

We are going to do a year in review and I am asking for your help – each student has gotten a month and they will be researching what happed during the month.

They were given the questions below to research. I will be sending a new item every few days via email (I want them to start checking their and I want to add categories to the list of questions.

The first set of questions included:

  • What was the biggest News Story of the Month?
  • What was the top song of the month?
  • What was the biggest sports story of the month?
  • What was the top movie of the month?
  • What was the top tv show on TV?
  • What was the top political story of the month?
  • What was the top selling book of the month?
  • What famous person died?
  • What other notable things happened this month?

If you have suggestions please send me an email.

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