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A View Through Trauma Shades MilStone

Exploring Trauma, Recognizing Triggers and Protection from Burnout.

On August 31st Cheree Webster Jones and Shelonda Dozier from Ultimate Success II hosted a workshop for MileStone Academy teachers. The workshop shed light and insight on the following uncommonly discussed trauma topics:

  • Assist educators with gaining an intense understanding of the effects of trauma on adolescents.

  • Providing supportive strategies to assist students with emotional management to minimize educational barriers.

  • Exploring the dangers of vicarious trauma/ secondary traumatic stress.

  • Shared tools to assist with decreasing instances of vicarious trauma.

Among the many great take-aways, MileStone teachers learned the importance of community check-in. Community check-in conversation offers an opportunity for MileStone’s programs and districts to receive social emotional support and build resilience through facilitated conversations on topics relevant to their current circumstances. More than ever we believe it’s important to support the social emotional health of adults at this time. Currently, we are facilitating community check ins on themes we find most relevant to people’s needs: Gratitude, Uncertainty, Balance, Racial Justice, Joy and Difficult Transitions. Based off the provided themes, we can adapt and tailor check in topics and format to a group’s needs. 

We also reviewed more important case studies, such as the: 

  • Digging deep into the teenage mind

  • Philadelphia Urban Ace Study and Activity

  • Safety plans for students and teachers

  • Recognizing triggers and observing through a trauma lens

  • Vicarious trauma/ STS

  • Self-Care

About Ultimate Success II

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