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Interns Wanted

Interns Wanted at MileStone Academy

MileStone Academy offers high quality and competitive internship program!

We love this program because it fulfills our mission of supplying excellent training for inspiring or novice to intermediate clerical staff, educators, therapists, and mentors serving our communities. 

Our team are seeking interns with experience, passion, and an outstanding record. Interested applicants should be willing to go above and beyond in their learning to ensure they get the utmost from this experience. 

Internship Responsibilities

  • Answers phone calls, schedules meetings and supports visitors.

  • Carries out administrative duties such as filing, typing, copying, binding, scanning, etc.

  • Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning administrative projects and expediting work results.

  • Content Creation

  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

  • Develops administrative staff by providing information, educational opportunities, and experiential growth opportunities.

  • Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements, calling for repairs, maintaining equipment inventories, and evaluating new equipment and techniques.

  • Exhibits polite and professional communication via phone, e-mail, and mail.

  • High School Diploma or Equivalency.

  • Maintains supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level, anticipating needed supplies, and placing and expediting orders for supplies.

  • Makes travel arrangements for senior staff such as booking flights, cars, and hotel or restaurant reservations.

  • Marketing and Branding.

  • Provides administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office.

  • Social Media Management

  • Successfully pass any and all clearances to work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Supports team by performing tasks related to organization and strong communication.

Required MINIMUM EDUCATION Qualifications For Internships at MileStone Academy

  • High School Diploma or Equivalency.

  • Successfully pass any and all clearances to work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Required MINIMUM EXPERIENCE Qualifications For Internships at MileStone Academy

  • A genuine interest, belief, and concern for students’ personal and academic success.

  • A growth mindset with a strong sense of professional responsibility.

  • Administrative Writing Skills

  • Analyzing Information

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Inventory Control

  • Managing Processes

  • Problem Solving

  • Professionalism

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Adobe.

  • Reporting Skills

  • Supply Management

  • The ability to work collaboratively with co-workers and school leaders.

  • Verbal Communication

How To Apply For An Internship At MileStone Academy

If you are interested in applying for our internship program, please complete our application below.

Our hiring manager will contact you shortly with next steps. Thank you.

  • 1234 Example Street
  • Apartment # 123
  • City Name
  • Example: Pennsylvania or PA
  • Example: 19046
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please upload a copy of your resume in PDF or Word format.
  • Please type or copy and paste your cover letter here. You may upload a copy using the link below.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please upload a copy of your cover letter in PDF or Word format.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please upload a copy of your references in PDF or Word format.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Teacher’s Certification
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Additional Teacher’s Certifications
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    Additional Teacher’s Certifications
  • Drop files here or
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    Check out these other career opportunities at MileStone Academy:

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    • Our mission is to educate students with complex learning challenges by fostering a nurturing and positive environment that utilizes research-based practices.

      We empower students to realize their strengths and capabilities by teaching self-advocacy skills and strategies for overcoming frustrations that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

    • Our vision is to educate students with complex learning challenges, so they become confident, productive twenty-first-century learners.

    • Financial Literacy with Ms Diane Maguire

      We help students who experience various challenges, including but not limited to ADHD, anxiety, ASD, auditory and visual processing, bullying, executive functioning, language-based learning differences, reading comprehension, school avoidance, emotional and social development, and test anxiety.

    • Prepare to Succeed at MileStone Academy High School

      We foster a safe, collaborative space to educate high school students with complex learning challenges.
      Using a research-based approach to teaching, our educators support students by cultivating their strengths, supplying individualized lesson plans, and applying strategies for success.

      With a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio, students can access individualized lesson plans. They are encouraged to be self-starters, use new technology, or fund a field trip.

      By learning to adapt teaching to how their students learn, Milestone gives everyone the necessary tools to build a future, they want and deserve.

    • In 1989, our Co-Founder, Kathy Hunt, a son’s mother with language-based learning difficulties, forged a relationship with several mothers facing the same problems. They had children who were capable of succeeding but struggled in the academic arena. The private school, whose teaching approach proved successful for their children, closed, and there was no alternative for these students. Kathy led the group of parents and the closing school’s teaching staff to open a new school, Center School.  

      Throughout her 24 years at Center School, Kathy constantly desired to expand the grade levels to include high school to help more students in their academic development.

      In 2012, Kathy Hunt left Center School to achieve her dream; creating a high school for students with language-based learning difficulties, and others who needed a safe and nurturing environment to learn was her new mission.

      Kathy saw a need and is now working with the other founders of MileStone Academy to realize this mission. They are a mix of professionals who have been educating children with language-based learning disabilities for over 25 years and parents of children with language-based learning disabilities.  The Board members of MileStone all concur that numerous high school students in the greater Philadelphia area would benefit from this type of educational environment.

      Our research found studies showing the need for language-based learning in preparing for this dream. Multiple studies show that students who score below proficient in standardized reading tests by third grade are less likely to graduate high school by age 19.  The reading scores for 4th graders in Philadelphia showed that 86% of them scored basic or below in 2011, and 64% of students graduated on time in 2013.  Studies show many factors affecting low reading scores, including class size, teacher qualifications, and socioeconomic factors like family structure, neighborhoods, and poverty.  

      We know that many children with language-based learning disabilities are not identified and are pushed from one grade to the next without the proper intervention or support. Most educational systems are cookie-cutter programs that do not focus on individual students’ learning styles or needs.  Studies show that successful people are confident not because they are more intelligent but because they are more resourceful and aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

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