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Meet MileStone Academy’s Faculty and Staff Members

MileStone Academy develops a community of students who are Motivated Intelligent Learners Employing Strategies To Overcome and Navigate Through Education. Our welcoming, committed, caring faculty and staff take the time to understand each student and their specific learning style. 

Administration and Staff

Michele Hewitt-Webster, Executive Director

Michele Hewitt-Webster

Executive Director, Founder, and Board Member

Michelle Brown Head of School MileStone Academy

Michelle Brown

Director of Education/ Instructional Coordinator

Beth Shapiro, Director of Community Engagement and Art Teacher

Beth Shapiro

Director of Community Engagement and Art Teacher

DeAnn Cox Marketing Outreach Director

DeAnn Cox

Director of Marketing and Outreach

Pinkney Webster Director of Technology & Board Member

Pinkney Webster

Director of IT and Board Member


Sheila Appel, Biology and Science Teacher

Sheila Appel

Biology and Science Teacher

Tom Copeland, Physical Education and Health Teacher

Tom Copeland

P.E. and Health Teacher

Lisa Hawkins MileStone 2022

Lisa Hawkins

Social Studies Teacher

Jana McNear MileStone Academy

Jana McNear

English and Language Arts Teacher

Cora Sanders, Student Support MileStone Academy

Cora Sanders

Student Support

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