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covid 19 vaccination in montgomery county

Montgomery County COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) is currently supplying Covid-19 Vaccines to healthcare workers (including school staff that work in a clinical capacity) and qualified individuals based on age or specific pre-existing high-risk medical conditions in Phase 1A.


Wondering if you are eligible for the vaccine? Take the Vaccine Eligibility Quiz.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is working to ensure all enrolled vaccine providers have information publicly available for those currently eligible to be vaccinated.

Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

MCOPH published a map of distribution sites. Use this map to identify vaccination sites closest to you. 

How Can I Help?

Want to help with Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 response — or another public health emergency? Sign up to volunteer here.

Who Can I Contact For Questions?

Questions about COVID vaccines? Call the PA Health Hotline at 1-877-724-3258

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